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Join Us

Are you an influencer or in process of being one? No matter how big or small your following is, if you are interested you can collaborate with us for some very exciting perks!.

Influencer collaboration benefits:

  • Free in-house brand merchandise.
  • Post a picture & video and a story in your social accounts wearing our merchandise and/or using our products and we will add your picture as our model on the product page to get your face more out there.
  • Refers customers to us and you and your customers each get 5-10% (customers get 5-10% discount and you get 5-10% profit share. How about that?.
  • Lucky influencers get a $1000-$5000 gift card for our website!. 
  • Every month we will feature 1 lucky Influencer's instagram account and its posts on our website for 24 hours. Imagine the out reach of your account with this.

How to join our team:

  1. Message us on instagram or send us an email.
  2. Receive your ambassador discount code.
  3. Follow the instructions you will receive afterwards on how to access our team dashboard and private group so you can start enjoying the team benefits.
  4. Receive your free merchandise and use it to spread awareness about our website and about our products.
  5. Share your pictures with us and get featured on our pages.

If you are still not 100% sure about joining our team, take a look at this blog to see our brand story and the reason we started our brand and team in the first place. If you are inspired by our story and are motivated to take action into the direction of your dreams and would like to grow with us. Let us know and we can start this progressive partnership right away.

Never be afraid to invest in yourself, don't wait, overthink or procrastinate on your goals and take action today! remember with the right people around you anything is possible.